November 26, 2014

BuzzFeed boys try on some "European swimwear"

Some cute male BuzzFeed employees explore the world of tight and tiny "European swimwear." It's actually American-made Andrew Christian trunks and speedos, but when you see the underwear these guys have on you'll understand their confusion.
These are the same guys who recently recreated the now infamous Kim Kardashian butt shot. As they explained, "Her ass broke the internet, ours merely cracked it."

November 24, 2014

"Bitch Perfect" by Todrick Hall

The Pitch Perfect parody you've been waiting for ...

November 21, 2014

Alec Baldwin gives gay couple dating advice

Internationally recognized relationship expert Alec Baldwin dishes love advice to unsuspecting couples from the back of a cab.

November 18, 2014

Ernie gets a colonoscopy

Now that the children's show is hitting middle age, it's time for its characters to do the responsible thing.

November 13, 2014

Nope, he's not gay anymore

Delivered!This is interesting: a 21-year-old man at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th Holy Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri declared himself "delivered" from homosexuality. 

"I'm not gay no more," he proclaimed. "I am delivered! I don't like mens no more. I said I like women. Women women women women! I said women! I'm not gay! I would not date a man! I would not carry a purse! I would not put on make-up! I will, I will love a women."
The pastor then rewarded the man with $100, because God told him to.
The video went viral. Here's a cute remix. (Just don't be surprised when this straight boy ends up on Grindr in a week.)

November 6, 2014

Professional hater Peter LaBarbera gets told off by God

Peter LaBarbera decided to take on Neil Patrick Harris just because NPH is gay. Luckily God is also on Twitter and stepped in to set LaBarbera straight.

Twitter war between God and Peter LaBarbera

November 3, 2014

Straight boys asked to explain gay slang

Davey Wavey is back. This time he's challenging straight guys to explain gay slang.

October 31, 2014

Starbucks and drag queens

Starbucks has released an online video with two former RuPaul's Drag Race stars, Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano. 

October 29, 2014

Web comedy "Dating on Set" explores the fuss about gay for pay!

Okay, maybe the laughs are a little forced in this, the 2nd episode of the web series Dating On Set. But it does deal with something everyone talks about: gay-for-pay actors!

October 26, 2014

More awful, catty, self-centered gays

October 25, 2014

Amy Sedaris checks out Tinder

The brilliantly funny Amy Sedaris is back in a web series called Seriously Distracted in which she plays a middle-aged, pop culture obsessed PR executive. In this episode she mistakenly matches with a work-mate on Tinder and relies on a trio of young assistants to get her out of an awkward situation. 

October 18, 2014

The very best penis shaped weather patterns

Have you noticed over the years that there is an unusually close connection between local news and human genitalia? Jimmy Kimmel has the proof ... 

October 12, 2014

Sarah Silverman's new penis

Sarah goes to drastic measures to avoid the wage gap.

October 9, 2014

"Please Go Home" parody of Sam Smith's "Stay"

There are times when you just want that one night stand to end ...