March 29, 2015

Next home decor trend: dildo furniture

Looking for a piece of furniture that makes a statement? In honor of its favorite TV show, Bondara, a UK-based online sex toy retailer, presents Game of Bones, a full-sized throne made of black dildos. It's a one of a kind item and it can be all yours, if you're willing to tweet about it.

March 25, 2015

Mom reads her son's Grindr messages

In this video, a mother reads embarrassing messages from Grindr and gives her opinion on how hot or not she finds the men on the app. 
"The messages were built up and remained unseen for three weeks until they were unleashed on her," explained vlogger Riyadh K. "Prepare for filth, friendly judgement and painfully awkward mother/son moments!"
Awkward is right!

March 24, 2015

Become the evil Judge Roy Moore in online game

In this little online game, you get to be Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore literally smacking down the marriage hopes of gay couples. And after you hit six pairs, you get to celebrate. (And note the happy KKK men skipping into the courthouse when you "win.")

March 17, 2015

Male underpants supermodel fights visible penis lines

Max Emerson - a male model and online personality - explains how he is often forced to hide visible penis lines (VPL) when on the job.

March 16, 2015

In this episode of "Steam Room Stories" we learn about 'pegging'

Have you ever heard of pegging? It's when a straight guy gets fucked by a girl with a strap-on dildo! And the guys in the steam room find it fascinating ...

March 13, 2015

Gay people explain when they chose to be gay

After Ben Carson announced that prison proved being gay was a choice, Funny Or Die News hit the streets to ask gay people when they decided to be gay.

March 12, 2015

"Straight" guy "bottoms" for "first" time

Here's an interesting new video from Davey Wavey about a straight guy bottoming for the first time.

Of course, we can't guarantee that he's straight so we'll leave that up for you to decide. Also, it is a bit of a stretch to say he's bottoming, as he's really just playing with his ass (and we don't see any penetration, so who knows what really went on down there). And knowing that he was going to put something up his ass on camera, one would suspect he tried it out a few times to make sure it didn't hurt too much.

March 11, 2015

The Try Guys attempt to be sexy strippers

The Try Guys train with professional male strippers to put on the show of their lives!

March 8, 2015

Taking the perfect naked selflie

Before you send your naked pics to a prospective fuck-buddy, you might want to watch this video. Follow these tips and you will really impress Mr. Right Now.

LONG EXPOSURE [NSFW] from ADULT Magazine on Vimeo.

March 7, 2015

Scott Eastwood goes shirtless in "Bachelor" parody

Scott Eastwood shows off his hot bod in this Funny or Die clip. Will he be able to find his new best friend?

March 1, 2015

Video of naked man escaping Buckingham Palace a hoax

The above video has been making the rounds online. It claims to show a naked man sneaking out of Buckingham Palace. It ends tragically, with him slipping and falling to the ground.

Of course, the video is a fake. The question is: who posted it?

February 26, 2015

Unwanted boners, and Conan tries Grindr

Being a guy can be hard ... and sometimes being hard can be embarrassing!


And Billy Eichner tries to help Conan make a Grindr connection!

February 25, 2015

10 ways to get laid at the gym

See a hot guy at the gym? What is your best way to get him in the sack? Caleb Strong and Scotty Marx try ten sure fire ways to get noticed.

February 21, 2015

New iPhone app Gayze outs gay people

Gayze is a social networking, navigation and dating app that's always on top of gay men. Let the good times begin!