February 10, 2016

It's AirBNB for kinky folk

KinkBNBFinally, you can rent out your place without hiding your leather, whips and chains. KinkBNB has arrived and is marketing itself as the sex-positive AirBNB.
Like AirBNB, the home-sharing site allows people to book a place to stay when on vacation, or rent out their own home to others. But not only do the listings tell you if they include gardens or swimming pools, they will also detail bondage rooms, sex furniture or toys they have available.
According to the website:
"We founded KinkBNB in 2015 as [a] service and marketplace to find fun locations and share accommodations with accepting people.
"As an online service, KinkBNB can go anywhere you want to go. Whether you are traveling across country or wanting a local adventure, KinkBNB can help connect you. Many sites offer to connect you to regular rooms, but KinkBNB specializes in adult play rooms, or accommodations with the open minded. And the perfect place [to] share your own fantasy!"
"Helping people share their spaces is a great modern way to build community, far more reaching than ever before", KinkBNB's Marketing Director Ryan Galiotto explained. "And think of the poor underused play spaces!"
First, you must request a code and be approved. 
Hopefully there's a very strict "clean between use" policy.

February 6, 2016

UN creates LGBT stamps to battle homophobia around the world

UN releases gay themed stamps
You may not have known this, but the United Nations actually has a division dedicated to stamps. And on Thursday it announced that it has created a series of stamps designed to promote LGBT equality worldwide.
The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) created six commemorative stamps as part of the UN Free & Equal campaign, a UN initiative for LGBT equality launched and led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Two are English, two are French and two are German.
"We live in a world where even though (developed) nations have embraced marriage equality (and) LBGT equality, we still have a far, far, far way to go," explained Sergio Baradat, the artist who designed the stamps. "There are some countries in the world right now where not only are we not celebrated or respected, but we are beaten and killed. And I thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity using art, to use postage stamps as a vehicle – using art to change hearts and minds."
He said the designs were inspired by the Art Deco style of Miami, Florida.
The series is co-sponsored by the permanent missions of Argentina, Australia, Chile, El Salvador, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay, the delegation of the European Union, in addition to OHCHR and UNPA.
You can purchase the six stamps online here or patiently wait for one of your snail-mail pen pals to send you a letter with one of the stamps on it. 

February 4, 2016

Survey says: lots of gay Brits have had open relationships

gay threesomesA recent survey in the UK has found that many gay men have had an open relationship.
The survey was conducted by FS Magazine and the gay men’s health charity GMFA (Gay Men Fighting AIDS), and found that of the 1,006 men questioned, 41% of men have had, or are currently in, an open relationship.
And of those men, 75 percent said that open relationships were "great."
Francis argued that an open relationship worked for him and his partner of 10 years.
“We tried monogamy, he cheated. We tried again, same result," he said. "We had a grown-up series of conversations over time and saw therapists separately. We decided that we valued our relationship above all else, but also felt it was an important part of being gay men to celebrate our sexuality with others.
“We agreed to threesomes together and it has been great.”
“Most gay people will have grown up encountering attitudes that told them that they were not ‘normal’, outside of convention," explained Matthew Hodson, CEO of GMFA: “It’s not a surprise that many gay and bisexual people seek sexual satisfaction and relationship set ups that are outside of the norm.”
However, Hodson warned that couples need to ensure they are playing safe. “If you’re used to having unprotected sex with your main partner it may be difficult to regain the condom habit when you have sex with others," he said. “This isn’t to suggest that such risks can’t be managed – clearly some couples do this very well, but it’s a challenge which requires excellent communication, honesty and trust to meet.”
Not everyone in the survey saw open relationships in a positive light. Men currently part of a monogomous couple often saw open relationships as bad. 33% said open relationships were not real relationships. 
Currently single gay men had similar views, with 29% believing gay men have open relationships because they simply can’t be monogamous.
Ian Howley, editor of FS magazine, argued that open relationships should not be judged. “If we can break down the stigma and stereotyping of open relationships, then gay men who are in monogamous relationships and may be thinking about having sex with someone who is not their partner, might be more open to having an honest talk with their partner about their needs and desires.
“If you’ve made fidelity the foundation of your love it can lead to partners not being entirely honest about what’s going on outside of the marital bed – and that’s when the risks start getting serious.”
Contrary to what Howley says, fidelity as a foundation of a relationship is neither a good nor a bad thing. It is up to both individuals to work out what they feel is right and go from there. 

February 3, 2016

Politician wants porn declared a "public health crisis" in Utah

U.S. Senator Todd WeilerState Senator Todd Weiler has filed a resolution seeking to have porn declared a "public health crisis" in Utah.
His resolution, introduced last Friday, states that X-rated material is causing unhappy marriages, addiction, overly sexual teens and prostitution.
"Legislature and the Governor [must] recognize the need for education, prevention, research and policy change at the community and societal level in order to address the pornography epidemic that is harming the people of our state and nation," his resolution declared.
"I have read books and I have experts tell me pornography is more difficult to overcome than cocaine," he added in a recent interview.
Psychology Today said the resolution was based on pseudoscience that "[had] no place in governmental action."
We assume that, should the resolution pass, this would be just the first step in Weiler's crusade. However, if he intends to seek an outright prohibition on porn in his state, he'll have to deal with the pesky First Amendment. Oh, and that new invention: the Internet.

While Weiler is a conservative Mormon, he says he won't attempt to stop people from touching themselves. 
"My resolution does not deal with masturbation, I think that's beyond the scope of what I'm doing," he said. "We're not going to outlaw masturbation in Utah."

February 2, 2016

"Sodomite semen" pastor about to lose his church

James Manning rom ATLAHPastor James David Manning (pictured) is a nasty piece of work.  
He has posted signs outside his Harlem based church like “Jesus would stone homos” and that gay allies deserve cancer. He has also made videos claiming that Starbucks flavors its coffee with jizz from homosexuals. 
Well, karma is a bitch. The ATLAH World Missionary Church is now going to be sold at a public foreclosure auction next month because of unpaid debts totaling $1.02 million. Much of the debt is from unpaid water and sewer bills (bills which he claims he is not obligated to pay because his church is exempt).
There are also nine federal tax liens against the church, totaling over $355,000.
So creditors took ATLAH to court, and the church was given until last April to pay its debts. It didn't.
Could things get better? You bet! The LGBTI youth homeless charity the Ali Forney Center has announced that it was raising funds to buy the property.
"When the ATLAH story broke, immediately I heard from neighbors: wouldn’t it be amazing if an LGBT group could acquire the property?" said Stacy Parker Le Melle, a Harlem resident. "What if it were the Ali Forney Center? We all knew that this would be poetic justice.
"We need to care for those kicked out of homes, often on religious-based grounds. We need to care for those most vulnerable to ATLAH’s hate speech."
“To allow our young people to be cared for and protected in a place where they’ve been exposed to such cruelty and hatred, it would be symbolically a great triumph,” Carl Siciliano, executive director of The Ali Forney Center, added.
“We certainly anticipate that we could provide a long-term housing program there for as many as 20 young people."
If you want to help, you can support the youth charity buy the property here.

January 31, 2016

Giving a good "brojob"

The big thing these days is straight men hanging with straight men. Okay, that's nothing new, except when said straight men are helping one another get off. It's called a brojob, and it's a real thing!

But before you bag yourself a hetero's cock, remember these rules ...

January 26, 2016

Refugees in Austria being told to respect LGBT community

Pamphlet for refugeesThe Austrian government is welcoming new refugees with a pamphlet designed to explain Western values, including progressive views on homosexuality, consent and respect.
The pamphlets are actually an official response to the mass sexual assaults alleged to have taken place throughout Germany on New Year's Eve. Victims who were cornered, molested and robbed said that the men were North African migrants and newly arrived Syrian refugees.
The hand-out was designed to explain cultural norms and expectations in Europe. One image shows two men kissing and two women kissing with a big green check mark. The image of a man groping a woman has a red cross through it.
Another panel explains freedom of belief. "Freedom is important in Austria. Every person in Austria can have their own point of view. But freedom has its limits. One does not have the right to offend the dignity of another."
Switzerland is planning a similar brochure for newcomers.
"We want to show that there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment," explained a spokesperson. "The tenor will be: 'When you get here, you have to abide by our rules.
"We want to showcase our rules of conduct to the refugees and thereby also convey that we take seriously the concerns of the people. Basically, it is a deepening of what was already conveyed to them in the transit centres."
It's a start, but it will take more than a few images on a piece of paper to change hundreds of years of strongly held religious and cultural views. (It probably wouldn't hurt if everybody in Europe, newcomer or not, was given a copy of the hand-out as a reminder of how to be a decent human being.)

January 21, 2016

No poppers for you (in the UK)

PoppersOn April Fool's Day, 2016, the sale of poppers in the United Kingdom will cease. A bill to ban "legal highs" will almost certainly pass its third reading later this month, and an attempt to amend the bill failed yesterday.
Some British politicians fought against the ban of alkyl nitrites. Crispin Blunt, an openly gay Conservative MP, admitted he used poppers on a regular basis.
"I use poppers," Blunt said. "I out myself as a poppers user. And would be directly affected by this legislation. And I was astonished to find that it’s proposed they be banned and, frankly, so were very many gay men."
"There are sometimes that something is proposed which becomes personal to you and you realize the government is about to do something fantastically stupid and in those circumstances one has a duty to speak up," he added.
Mike Freer, another gay Conservative MP, tried a different tact, arguing that poppers could treat adder bites. (Because snakes are a real problem in the UK!)
Mike Penning, the Minister for State for Policing and Justice, promised that the government would look into placing them on an exemption list before the summer recess; however, the ban will go into effect once the law has passed third reading until said review could take place.
"This is an important bill. It’s not perfect. It has some minor, I say minor, amendments that need to be addressed but in 2014 there were 129 deaths that psychoactive substances were implicated in," he said.
It has been estimated that almost one-third of gay and bi men in the country use poppers to enhance sex. And after the bill passes you can still own a bottle of poppers, but you can't bring it into the country or share it with a lover or sell it in a store.
Legal highs exempted from the law: alcohol, tobacco, nicotine and, thank God, nutmeg.

January 13, 2016

Russia may soon ban gay men from coming out

Russian MPs
Believe it or not, Russia may become even more homophobic than it already is if two Russian politicians get their way.
On January 19th, the State Duma will vote on legislation that would make it illegal for gay men to come out of the closet.
The law was proposed by trolls Ivan Nikitchuk and Nikolai Arefyev (pictured above). If passed, any man who comes out or acts on his gay feelings in public (such as kissing another man) would get 15 days in jail. A fine of 5,000 rubles (about $80 US) is also possible.
Lesbians are exempt from the bill, because Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dummer have decided that women are more "reasonable" and can "manage their emotions."
"We have our own idea of honor and conscience, and we must respect tradition. The scum that comes to us from the West is unnatural to Russia. These unconventional sexual desires do nothing but disgust normal, smart, healthy people," Nikitchuk said.
"It is sick that disgusting people feel they should be treated the same."
Currently there is a law in Russia banning the promotion of homosexuality to young people. The law, insisted Nikitchuk, is simply not "effective" enough.
Maybe we could work out some sort of exchange program; we get all the gay Russians and Russia gets our homophobes.

January 11, 2016

Even tattoo lovers might think this is a little much

Rimming tattoo
Jack Woodman may have gone too far with his latest tattoo.
Woodman recently appeared on the British TV show Bodyshockers, which follows people considering controversial body modifications.
For some reason the 23-year-old wanted a very sexual tat on his back. The image: himself, eating ass. (We can't tell if it's a man's butt or a lady's bum he's munching down on.)
And his mother couldn't have been more proud!
Proud mother

January 7, 2016

Alabama Chief Justice refuses to end fight against gay marriage

Roy MooreAlabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore just can't accept that his side lost when it comes to gay marriage. Yesterday, he issued an order instructing his state’s probate judges that they had a “ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary” to Alabama’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
“Until further decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, the existing orders of the Alabama Supreme Court that Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment or the Alabama Marriage Protection Act remain in full force and effect,” Moore wrote in the order.
Moore has decided that the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling only applies to Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, the states directly involved in the case presented before the Chief Justices.
According to Senior Staff Attorney Scott McCoy from the Southern Poverty Law Center:
Chief Justice Roy Moore today issued a dead letter. In no way does his administrative order supersede Judge Granade’s federal injunction prohibiting probate judges from enforcing discriminatory Alabama marriage laws. If probate judges violate the injunction, they can be held in contempt. This is Moore yet again confusing his role as chief justice with his personal anti-LGBT agenda.
Montgomery County probate judge Steven L Reed has already tweeted that he does not intend to listen to Moore. "Judge Moore's latest charade is just sad & pathetic. My office will ignore him and this [request]," he wrote.
Chief Justice? We wouldn't hire this guy to hand out Happy Meals.

December 18, 2015

A gay couple's first kiss

For all you romantics out there, here is a Christmas gay love story about a couple who share an awkward first kiss. 

December 15, 2015

Priest uses Church funds to pay for muscled male "master"

Master Keith Crist and Rev. Peter Miqueli
A Catholic priest is being accused of stealing almost $1 million since 2003 from collection-plate donations. Allegedly, most of the money was used for drugs and to pay for the services of a muscular S&M “master."
The lawsuit was filed by parishioners, claiming that Rev. Peter Miqueli stole the money from churches in Roosevelt Island and in the Bronx. The money allowed him to become a "slave" for $1,000 a meeting with a "homosexual sex 'master'," who made Miqueli drink his pee.
The alleged "master" has been identified as Keith Crist. (We wonder if that is pronounced "Christ," which would be deliciously ironic!)
Aside from sex, the lawsuit claims that Miqueli spent $60,000 in 2012 alone for “illicit and prescription drugs” he used with Crist, bought a $264,000 home in Brick, NJ, and paid $1,075.50 a month for his master’s East Harlem apartment.
Oh, but it gets better. The plaintiffs claim that the Archdiocese of New York and homophobic Cardinal Timothy Dolan were well aware of Miqueli’s “illegal scheme” but did nothing to stop it.
“This lawsuit seeks to finally put an end to this truly sinful conduct so that St. Frances de Chantal parish can regain the strength, spirituality and faith it once had before Father Miqueli arrived,” the court papers said.
The whole affair came to light after the priest found out that his "master" had a girlfriend. He ordered Crist to choose him or her, and the bodybuilder opted to stay with his cash cow reverend. 
The girlfriend, Tatyana Gudin, then played whistle-blower and outed the two men.

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December 11, 2015

United Nations starts campaign to fight LGBT discrimination

UN speaks out for gay rightsThe United Nations has launched a campaign to help people better understand the real impact of LGBT discrimination. The first part of the campaign includes a video, narrated by actor Zachary Quinto, which details the discrimination gays and lesbians face each day.

Some of the stats shared in the video are:

- 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT

- Gay and lesbian youth are four times more likely to consider suicide

- Young trans individuals are 10 times more likely to have attempted or thought about suicide

- One-in-five LGBT individuals have experienced workplace discrimination in the past year

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the video "challenges the myth that the impact of LGBT discrimination is small, or marginal, or confined to only a small part of the community."

It added that, "it’s not only LGBT people who pay the price; we all do. Every trans kid thrown out of home or forced out of school is a loss for society. Every gay or lesbian worker denied work or driven to emigrate is a lost opportunity."

This might not change the minds of those who are already filled with hate, but it may educate others that the fight for gay rights is one that every community should be invested in.