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Site Reviews Score Criteria

Sites are scored out of 100. The total score may be one point higher or lower than the combined subscores because of internal subscore rounding.  

CONTENT 70 Quality and quantity of the site's content
Quality 33 Overall quality of the site's video and photo content including technical quality, composition and sound.
Quantity 20 Amount of content. Perfect score goes to sites with over 700 DRM-free exclusive videos. Sites which do not allow DRM-free downloads can score a maximum of 16.
Personality 5 The voice and uniquess of the site as reflected in model interviews and text descriptions.
Video  Options 5 Choices provided for viewing video (formats / sizes / bitrates)
Updates 6 Frequency of original content updates (3 major updates a week = full marks)


USER-FRIENDLY 30 Navigation; usability; fairness and pricing
Tour 5 Thoroughness and honesty of the free area of the site.
Usability 15 How easy is the site to use? Navigation between sections of the site and within video and photo galleries; intuitiveness; does everything work?
Fairness 5 No misleading or unfair tactics.
Value 5 Price compared to content.

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