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1338 (avg. 20 min.)  Stream and Download
Over 2922 videos in total.
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  7000k  (66% of videos)

Photos - 1338 sets of 15 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Tons of content; many videos are 1080p HD; very recent are 4K
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Review date: December 2023

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Rippling muscles, washboard abs, man-scaped chests, and huge sausages plunging into well-primed manholes: this is the world of Raging Stallion Studios. The studio staked out the territory for masculine men many years ago, and it remains a clear leader today.

As of this review the site has over 1338 Raging Stallion scenes; and with additional content from sites like Falcon and Hot House, the total jumps to over 2922, making this a Who's Who of masculine, muscular porn gods. Combine the high quality camera work, provocative locations and the excellent viewing quality of recent 1080p videos, and you've got all the naked muscle you ever dreamed of.


The tour gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the site, though the navigation is different from what you'll find inside. The opening page highlights the latest and upcoming scenes, but you can click through the menu items along the top of the page to dig in. You can watch explicit preview clips from any of the scenes, but only up to a limit of five.

When you go to sign-up, the initial page does not indicate that rebills are for the regular price ($29.95 / month; they do tell you this on the next page). Also, watch out for the pre-checked trial offer to another site, which you should uncheck.


Navigation through Raging Stallion is very straightforward, with a menu now located on the left side of the site. There are links to the main areas: "Videos," "Movies," "Models and "Photos; the "Channels" menu item is for the various studios included with your membership.

For topical searches, "Categories" are sub-menus in the Movies and Photos section. There are some nice features for members, including the ability to save custom playlists, mark favorite actors and favorite movies, and rate and comment on scenes.

The Men and the Action

Raging Stallion boasts a roster of hundreds of muscular, masculine studs. Some have chest hair, some not, but there are always rock hard abs, piercings, tattoos, sexy stubble, and willing bottoms wide open for the abundance of tops. The guys in these studio productions are found in solo and action scenes shot indoors and outdoors in countless locations. Each scene includes a text description of the action.

Video Details

The viewing quality of scenes added since 2009 (the majority of content) is very good to excellent. The earliest videos in this collection go way back to 1998; the oldest one-third of the catalog is standard definition video and no comparison in quality to the HD scenes.

Raging Stallion videos features professional camera work, lighting, and editing. It is easy to see why it's maintained a reputation as one of the leading studios in the biz.

There are 1338 Raging Stallion scenes on the site, with a new Raging Stallion scene added weekly. But there are over 2922 scenes altogether with the site adding two additional new scenes a week, most from Hot House Studios, with some from Naked Sword and Falcon.

Raging Stallion: 1338 scenes, with weekly updates.
Hot House: 180 scenes
Falcon: 655 scenes
NakedSword: 69 scenes

The following lines are no longer updated:
Monster Bang: 223 scenes
High Octane: 263 scenes
Pistol Media: 77 scenes.
Sex Pack: 42 scenes.
Fetish Force: 39 scenes.
Live Shows: 36 scenes.

The video streams and downloads in MP4 format at up to eight qualities. Raging Stallion has upgraded a large portion of the catalog; it appears that any video originally filmed in HD has now been rendered in true HD. The result: almost all videos added since 2009 are now available at 1920x1080p HD, and some of the most recent are 4K (2160p HD).

The oldest videos in the catalog, filmed in standard definition, are not nearly as sharp, with a top quality of 640x480 pixels. For these it is best to decrease the size of your browser window.

Screens: A mobile version of the site is included with your membership; those videos available at 720p or higher look very good on a TV-sized screen.

Image and Other Content

As of our review date, there are over 1300 digital image galleries in the "Photos" section just for Raging Stallion, and many more galleries for the other sites and models. There's no way to filter the gallery searches by studio.

Summing Up

Raging Stallion includes a very generous amount of video at a reasonable price. The upgrading of many of the videos to 1080p is a huge plus for anyone who wants to enjoy the videos on a larger screen. You can now stream and download, and with all the content included with your membership, it's pretty clear this site is a great choice for fans of manly men.

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Quality 29/33
Quantity 20/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 5/6
Content 63/70
Tour 5/5
Usability 14/15
Fairness 2/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 24/30

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Condoms: Some

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30 day: $29.95 $14.95
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Raging Stallion is operated by Zubb Media and has been online since 2004.

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1338 (avg. 20 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
Over 2922 videos in total.
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  7000k  (66% of videos)

Photos - 1338 sets of 15 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Tons of content; many videos are 1080p HD; very recent are 4K
Pre-checked cross sell to another site.

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