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At BananaGuide we try to get the best prices possible for our visitors. These are noted as "BG Prices" or "BananaGuide Prices" throughout our site. We do not use promo codes because the discount is encoded in our referral link. Simply go to the site's sign-up page and look for the 30 day price. 

It is possible that you will not see the advertised discount when you go to the sign-up page for a particular porn site. Here's why:

- your link code might not be tracking because you have disabled cookies or are using private browsing on your browser. Try re-enabling cookies and / or turning off private browsing.

- some companies only offer the discount to users from North America. This does not seem fair to us, but there is little we can do about it. If you are from the rest of the world, we apologize for the geographic bias of some of the sites we promote. 

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