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Jul 28 | Arts / Entertainment

Did Disney cut a gay kiss from “Descendants 2?”


Jul 28 | Hotties

"Polish Viking" Pawel Ladziak is one hell of a thirst trap.


Jul 27 | Sex and Society

More and more gay men are getting anal Botox and rejuvenation surgery


Jul 27 | Sex and Society

The new buy-sexual? Straight men who are gay for pay.

The Huffington Post 

Jul 27 | Sex and Society

US military spends five times more on Viagra than transgender services.


Jul 26 | Sex and Society

Japan's biggest beer company makes LGBTI workers equal.

Gay Star News 

Jul 26 | Hotties

People are stunned by just how old model Chuando Tan is.

Pink News 

Jul 26 | Written Word

LGBT books banned at Hong Kong book fair.


Jul 25 | The Biz

Sentencing for Rentboy CEO delayed -- again.

Str8 Up Gay Porn 

Jul 25 | Other News

UK police helicopter used to film people having sex.


Jul 25 | Celeb Watch

Justin Bieber banned from China in order keep nation "pure."

The Telegraph 

Jul 24 | People

The OUT Power 50 for 2017.


Jul 24 | Sex Life

Man jailed for secretly filming and posting sexual encounter.


Jul 23 | Sex and Society

Lots of Christians think porn is ‘completely immoral’ -- but watch it anyway.


Jul 23 | People

This gay leather bar owner is running for Texas governor.

Gay Star News 

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