What's Up? Today's Hottest Gay Links

Feb 28 | Hotties

Someday our (naked) prince will come ...

Gay Times 


Feb 28 | Sex and Society

British entertainer Paul O'Grady recalls the horror of the AIDS crisis.



Feb 28 | People

"Biggest Loser" fitness coach Bob Harper unconscious for two days after serious heart attack.

Towle Road 


Feb 27 | Arts / Entertainment

In shocking Oscars twist, "Moonlight" triumphs in evening dominated by anti-Trump rebukes.



Feb 27 | People

Queer Chinese photographer Ren Hang commits suicide at 29.



Feb 27 | Hotties

The art of balance from photographer Joan Crisol.

The Advocate 


Feb 26 | Porn Stars

Bathroom case puts transgender student on national stage.

New York Times 


Feb 26 | Sex and Society

Swedish workers should get paid sex breaks, says politician.

The Local 


Feb 26 | Sex and Society

The real action at CPAC isn’t up on stage, it’s buried in Craigslist M4M ads.



Feb 25 | Fashion

Menswear executive and frequent flyer Erik Ulin's 10 essentials for fashionable guys.



Feb 25 | Celeb Watch

Caitlyn Jenner lashes out at Trump: "this is a disaster."



Feb 25 | Sex Life

Fagony Aunt: “Should I tell my ex-lover’s wife that he’s a closeted cheater?”

Cocktails and Cock Talk 


Feb 24 | People

Gay pro boxer beats up guy over homophobic comments.



Feb 24 | Technology

Hosting a pirate site doesn't amount to infringement, judge says.



Feb 24 | Porn Stars

Give gay porn star Mason Wyler a warm welcome back.

Queer Me Now 


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