October 18, 2014

The very best penis shaped weather patterns

Have you noticed over the years that there is an unusually close connection between local news and human genitalia? Jimmy Kimmel has the proof ... 

October 17, 2014

Exclusive: Interview with the Porn Star of the Year Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O'Brian porn star naked cock gay porn

It is not surprising that Paddy O'Brian was voted BananaGuide's Porn Star of the Year. He's super sexy, with an amazing bod... and ass... and cock. And when he speaks he'll make you cream your undies. 

We had the chance to interview Paddy, courtesy of Men.com. He was very open, talking about what got him into porn (money) and what was going through his mind during his first man-on-man scene (the phrase "shitting bricks" is used). Oh, did you know he was arrested when he flew to Ibiza to shoot some scenes? Well, now you do.

So check out what he has to share - and see if you fall in lust like we have.  

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

Wow, Luke Adams is a clear favorite. He easily beat his competition, winning himself a spot in the quarter-finals! 
That means one thing: three hot studs hoping to join him! Brad Kalvo is hot, hairy and hung. Jimmy Durano has pushed the limits of even the most experienced bottoms. And Luke Milan is a slim hunk with a rather large cock.
Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. Choose wisely, as only one stud can move on to the quarter-finals!

Because sometimes you just need a real man in the bedroom! Brad Kalvo: Because sometimes you just need a real man in the bedroom!
He's got the tool to stretch any ass nice and wide! Jimmy Durano: He's got the tool to stretch any ass nice and wide!
He's that hot guy next door you always want to suck off! Luke Milan: He's that hot guy next door you always want to suck off!

Who is the HOTTEST?

Brad Kalvo
Jimmy Durano
Luke Milan

Winners advance to the QUARTER-FINALS:

Quarter-finalist! Luke Adams: Quarter-finalist!
Quarter-finalist! Tommy Defendi: Quarter-finalist!

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to Luke Adams. Colby Jansen: Runner-up to Luke Adams.
Runner-up to Luke Adams. Adam Ramzi: Runner-up to Luke Adams.


Semi-finalist! Connor Maguire: Semi-finalist!
Semi-finalist! Johnny Rapid: Semi-finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


October 16, 2014

The fabulous Liberace gets animated about "peacocking"

A 1968 interview with Liberace by Jay Kent Hackleman has been discovered and animated for PBS.

It was created for Blank on Blank, a podcast "dedicated to uncovering, preserving and reimagining the American interview."

David McIntosh's naked photos leaked

David McIntosh shirtless muscle

Say hello to the very hunky David McIntosh. He's a British ex-soldier who has had some success as a television personality, actor, and fitness model. He most recently appeared in the Nicki Minaj music video "Anaconda." 

Based upon these pics, it was perfect casting!

David McIntosh naked ass muscle

David McIntosh naked with his cock out

David McIntosh cock shot selfie

October 15, 2014

Kink.com to become less kinky

Bound In Public
One of the leaders of online BDSM is planning to soften its approach to hardcore material.
Last week, Kink.com announced that it planned on rebranding the company by relying on less extreme content.
"I am not convinced (what could be perceived as) more extreme material necessarily has a larger market," Kink.com founder Peter Acworth explained when asked about the decision. "Moreover, if you present (again, what looks like) extreme acts, there is a danger of being misinterpreted by the newcomer. Intense BDSM scenes are done with a great deal of negotiation, and it is not possible to portray this in the context of a quick movie. Such misinterpretation can work against the brand of a company, and in our case, against our mission statement of ‘demystifying alternative sexuality.’
"BDSM is about to go mainstream, as evidenced by Fifty Shades of Grey. There is an enormous market out there for curious newcomers to BDSM. I would like Kink.com to provide physical entertainment in the form of our event space, our bar, our tours and classes."
Certain sites will be renamed, with BoundGangbangs.com becoming FantasyGangbangs.com (emphasizing the make-believe element). Other sites may even be dropped, including BoundInPublic.com (and its straight counterpart PublicDisgrace.com).
Cam shows will remain the same. "We generally feel that whatever happens behind the closed curtains of a live show should remain between the performer and his/her clients," said Acworth.
How this will change the various gay sites from Kink.com - including Bound Gods, Bound In Public and Men on Edge - only time will tell. Fewer clothespins and more furry handcuffs?

Andrew Christian hunks head out to the club

The party is certainly getting started with these hot hunks in underwear! 

October 14, 2014

Sexy bad guys: Andy Mientus versus Wentworth Miller

Andy Mientus vs Wentworth Miller

This season's The Flash has announced two of its big time villains. Taking on the titular hero will be Andy Mientus as the Pied Piper and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

What makes this even more interesting is that the Pied Piper is one of the few gay characters in DC Comics. And he'll be played by openly bisexual Mientus (who is engaged to Broadway actor Michael Arden.)

And of course Miller, who starred in the TV series Prison Break, is openly gay. As far as we know, however, Captain Cold is all about the vajayjay. Oh well.

Nick Deutsch sings about two men falling out of love

Nick Deutsch

"Run" is the lead single off Nick Deutsch's new EP Crazy Ride. The song chronicles the decay of a relationship between two men, one who is unable to break free from the destructive bonds of shame.

With this release, Deutsch also revealed he was gay. 

"As many of you know, I’ve spent the better part of this year writing and recording my record 'Crazy Ride,'" he said. "While largely a meditation on the loss of my mother, it also explores the heartbreak, confusion and excitement that govern life. ... With that said, while I’ve become more fearless in chasing my singer/songwriter dreams, for many years I’ve struggled with both how to and whether or not to address my sexuality within my writing. 

"Despite coming out at 13, I have never made a conscious effort at merging my personal and professional life. Generally I’ve stayed within the realm of caution, telling myself, 'it’s about the music.' Now that my video 'Run' is coming out, I know it’s time for me to take a strong stance as a member of and an advocate for the LGBTQ community, exploring my truth and building strength with anyone who carries the burden of difference."

October 13, 2014

Huckabee and NOM threaten to divorce Republicans over gay marriage

Mike HuckabeeAccused by some of not taking a strong enough stand against same-sex marriage, the Republican Party may lose two of its staunchest supporters.
Last week, Mike Huckabee - who has tried and failed to secure the Republican presidential nomination in the past - complained: "I'm utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on this issue. If Republicans want to lose guys like me and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people, go ahead and abdicate on this issue and while you’re at it go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter either. Because at that point, you’ll lose me.
"I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this."
The anti-gay National Organisation for Marriage promised to follow Huckabee.
“Governor Huckabee is right," said NOM leader Brian Brown. "If more Republican leaders do not speak up and join the fight, then millions of conservatives will abandon them and join with officials who will fight. Marriage is on the line in our country, and it’s time for people to get off the bench and into the battle.
“We refuse to follow the leaders in Washington as if we were sheep expected to dutifully support candidates whose positions are an insult to conservatives and will severely damage the nation.”
Because you know that if they can't win using one of the two main political parties, they'll do so much better as Independents.
National Organisation for Marriage threatens to cut ties with Republican party [PinkNews]

October 12, 2014

Sarah Silverman's new penis

Sarah goes to drastic measures to avoid the wage gap.

October 10, 2014

Strangers invited to touch porn stars

This is strange little video that was created to promote the Barcelona Erotic Show. In it, Spanish porn stars invite strangers to touch them. This is what happened ...

October 9, 2014

California's "revenge porn" law expanded to include selfies

SelfiesA year ago, California enacted a law making it illegal to share sexual images you took of another individual. The law was designed to stop people from taking "revenge" on an ex by posting nude or sexual images online.
This week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed an expansion of the act that prohibits the unauthorized sharing of someone's nude selfies. Posting another person's selfie online or emailing the images without permission now constitutes a misdemeanor.
“Once SB a255 was signed into law, I became aware there were many victims of revenge porn who took photos of themselves, sent them to a person they trusted, and that person, unbeknownst to the victim, distributed the images,” Sen. Anthony Cannella said. “With the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative estimating more than half of revenge porn cases involve selfies, I wanted to expand the existing law [... and make] it a crime for anyone to distribute revenge porn, regardless of who took the photo.”
The updated law also removes the threshold of “serious emotional distress." This means that even if your intent is not to cause harm, you are still guilty of violating the law. 
“I am deeply grateful to Sen. Cannella for delivering on his promise and creating Revenge Porn 2.0 legislation,” said Dr. Charlotte Laws, a victims’ rights advocate. “Revenge porn preys on trusting individuals in their most vulnerable state and can leave a lifetime of emotional scars.”
If you have an ex's nudie pics, by all means keep them for a late night wank. But let him decide who else gets to see his naughty bits!
Jerry Brown signs 'Revenge Porn 2.0 Act' [The Sacramento Bee]
California Expands Ban On Revenge Porn [CBS]

"Please Go Home" parody of Sam Smith's "Stay"

There are times when you just want that one night stand to end ...