March 26, 2015

Will Ferrell not sorry for gay jokes in his new movie

Get Hard movie posterThis coming weekend, Will Ferrell's latest low-brow comedy opens in theaters. Get Hard is about a hedge fund manager, played by Ferrell, who asks an acquaintance, played by Kevin Hart, to get him ready for a stint in a maximum security prison.
Catching people's attention is the endless parade of prison rape jokes. Variety criticized the jokes as "some of the ugliest gay-panic humor to befoul a studio release in recent memory."
"Any time you're going to do an R-rated comedy, you're going to offend someone," Ferrell said. "But that's kind of what we do. We provoke. We prod. We also show a mirror to what's already existing out there. We're playing fictitious characters who are articulating some of the attitudes and misconceptions that already exist."
Adam McKay, who produced Get Hard, found the criticisms "disheartening."
"Any individual going to maximum security prison would be afraid of violence and sexual assault," he argued. "To equate that with homosexuality is ridiculous."

Say goodbye HBO's "Looking"

Looking canceled

If you loved the gay-themed HBO series Looking, then we have some bad news; the show has been canceled.

According to a rep for the channel: "After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special. We look forward to sharing this adventure with the show’s loyal fans."

The show lasted two seasons, premiering in January 2014. The cast has hinted that a movie is possible to wrap up the series.

March 25, 2015

Mom reads her son's Grindr messages

In this video, a mother reads embarrassing messages from Grindr and gives her opinion on how hot or not she finds the men on the app. 
"The messages were built up and remained unseen for three weeks until they were unleashed on her," explained vlogger Riyadh K. "Prepare for filth, friendly judgement and painfully awkward mother/son moments!"
Awkward is right!

$325,000 fine for newscast that accidentally included penis pic

FCCThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) means business. The FCC has announced it plans to fine WDBJ $325,000 for showing “graphic sexual images” during an evening newscast.
Way back in 2012, the Roanoke, Va. CBS station aired a story about a former adult film star who was volunteering for a local rescue squad. The station used naughty images of the actress from a porn website for the story.
The image was of the starlet sucking on her finger in a provocative manner. However, the screenshot included more of the website, with other video options pictured to the side. And one of the images was of a nude male, erect penis exposed.
Complaints flooded in, though the station said it was all much ado about nothing. It argued that the “extremely fleeting and partial image of a penis during a news story” was not bad enough to be seen as a violation of broadcast rules.
The Commission, moving like molasses, has just announced it will hit the station with “the maximum available penalty” for violating federal laws prohibiting indecent programming. This will actually be the biggest fine ever levied for a single incident broadcast on one station.
“Our action here sends a clear signal that there are severe consequences for TV stations that air sexually explicit images when children are likely to be watching,” said Travis LeBlanc, Chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.
Finally, the evil penis pushers of WDBJ have been put in their place!

March 24, 2015

Queer Porn Film Fest coming to NYC

Film FestGet ready for what may be the first-ever Queer Porn Film Festival. The event will take place on April 19 in Brooklyn, and feature adult filmmakers Stoya, Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, Bruce laBruce, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Chelsea Poe and Papi Coxxx.
And no, this is not your typical gay porn fare. The work highlighted in the festival will be "obscure underground smut, important moments in queer smut history, established adult director master works, obscene feminist manifestos, lost footage, experiments, glossy Hollywood crossover hits, and even a few world premieres." 
The films - including lesbian, gay and trans works, though seeming to lean more towards female and trans-centric material - will be shown together in a mix-tape format, with none lasting longer than 15 minutes. 
“The Queer Porn Film Festival has been built on values centering trans-feminism, accessibility, intentionality and community-based social justice,” the founders, Courtney Trouble, Tobi Hill-Meyer, and Jacqueline Mary, explained. “The events and films shown will reflect that foundation through careful curation and thoughtful party planning in the hope this event serves as a starting point for others to get involved in queer feminist art and sex positive community.”
There is even an after party planned with a "queer porn open mic" where event goers will be able to share their own short XXX films.
It sounds a bit too artsy for us, and may have a tad too many vajayjays for our liking. But for more info, including ticket purchase, visit

Become the evil Judge Roy Moore in online game

In this little online game, you get to be Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore literally smacking down the marriage hopes of gay couples. And after you hit six pairs, you get to celebrate. (And note the happy KKK men skipping into the courthouse when you "win.")

March 23, 2015

The best of the best in the world of male escorting

This past weekend, the 9th Annual International Escort Awards Show, officially called "The Hookies," was held. The people's choice awards were given in 17 categories, covering all aspects of the oldest profession.

The Awards were presented by, the well-known male escort site, in association with BPX: The Black Party Expo and sponsor Manhunt. 

So if you're looking to hire a hottie to do some "work" for you, you may want to consider these award-winning studs!

Aleks Buldocek

Best Pornstar Escort: Aleks Buldocek [see his porn galleries here!]


Best Newcomer: (TIE) - Patrick Michaels and Viktor Belmont

Best Twink: Shameless Seamus


Austin Wolf

Best Top: Austin Wolf [see his porn galleries here!]


Duncan Black

Best Bottom: Duncan Black [see his porn galleries here!]


Best Body: Kirtis Wolfe

Best Bear / Cub: Will Foster


Brian Bonds

Best Fetish / Kink: Brian Bonds [see his porn galleries here!]


Best Dressed: Boomer Banks [see his porn galleries here!]

Best Massage: Elijah Wood


Tyson Tyler and Rocco Steele

Best Ass: Tyson Tyler [see his porn galleries here!]

Best Cock: Rocco Steele [see his porn galleries here!]

Best International Escort: Rocco Steele


Best Daddy: Chris Roberts

Best Social Media: Leo Sweetwood [check out his porn galleries here!]


Mike De Marko

Best Boyfriend Fantasy: Mike De Marko [see his porn galleries here!]

March 22, 2015

Standards of male beauty around the world

An international cast of gorgeous male models shows just how drastically the physical attributes of the "ideal man" vary across 12 different countries.

March 21, 2015

Andrew Christian presents "Bubble Porn" and the "Water Balloon Challenge"

Andrew Christian has been busy this week, releasing a couple new videos!

In Bubble Porn, you get a glimpse of what appears to be some naughty action ... but things are not always as they seem.

And Ryan Rose and Jacob Ford have some fun with water balloons!

March 20, 2015

James Panther hopes his music will empower people

According to musician James Panther: “I worked really hard to create a video for my song “Desirable”.  It is meant to be an empowering, nourishing wake up call to love yourself and let go of all the bullshit in the media and capitalistic dominant culture that gets in the way of that being possible. 

“I hope this video gives you a way into yourself, and holds space for you to feel and explore your inner realities, because I believe that’s where real power and love comes from."

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

The votes are in and last week's winner is porn veteran Damien Crosse!

This means three brand new competitors. Alessio Romero is well built and hairy, making him the perfect fuck buddy. Logan Moore is a hot jock who looks especially stunning with his ass in the air. And Tim Kruger gets to slam his huge cock into eager butts around the world.

Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. 

This hot hairy hunk is always ready for man-on-sweaty-man action. Alessio Romero: This hot hairy hunk is always ready for man-on-sweaty-man action.
He's a definite hottie, especially when he's down on his hands and knees! Logan Moore: He's a definite hottie, especially when he's down on his hands and knees!
With his very own website, this thick dicked stud gets to fuck men around the world. Tim Kruger: With his very own website, this thick dicked stud gets to fuck men around the world.

Who is the HOTTEST?

Alessio Romero
Logan Moore
Tim Kruger

Winners advance to the QUARTER-FINALS:

Quarter-finalist! Damien Crosse: Quarter-finalist!

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to Damien Crosse. Ryan Rose: Runner-up to Damien Crosse.
Runner-up to Damien Crosse. Billy Santoro: Runner-up to Damien Crosse.


Semi-finalist! Topher DiMaggio: Semi-finalist!


Finalist! Dean - Sean Cody: Finalist!
Finalist! Luke Adams: Finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


March 19, 2015

The reality of hooking up online

gay apps

The site - which seems to make money selling eBooks about hooking up - recently conducted a survey of about 4,000 men to determine what guys should expect when trying to meet other men online.

"Our purpose for the survey was simple: To help you compare your experiences with other gay men," the site explains.

Some of the highlights:

  • - 83% of gay men send dick pics to prospective dates
  • - 57% of HIV negative men say they discriminate against HIV+ guys
  • - 10% of HIV+ men don’t disclose their status until specifically asked
  • - 31% of gay men lie about their age, height or weight

  • - 45% of guys who actually meet don’t hook up
  • - 50% of guys who agree to meet do it in their homes
  • - 30% of gay men don’t need to see a face pic to meet up

Check out the infographic for all the details!

"Never Have I Ever" with Madonna and Justin Bieber

Ellen had Madonna and Justin Bieber on her show this week, and got the two to play "Never Have I Ever." The game would have been much better had they all been drunk.

March 18, 2015

Gay porn models in Ghana threatened with jail time and torture

GhanaThanks to local news sources, young men in Ghana who have appeared in gay porn films are now being hunted down. They face jail time, abuse and torture if caught.
Many of the men are jobless or students from the University of Ghana. Their work was uncovered by StarrFMonline and Breeze FM, both of which called for an end to the "festering underground gay porn movie industry." The news outlets blamed "foreign producers" for the problem.
Now the Bureau of National Investigations, the government's internal intelligence agency, is trying to find the young men. 
"People are aware that the society frowns upon it," said Gary Nimako, an anti-gay lawyer. "They have engaged in an illegality and they must be arrested."
"We are trying to get all of the men to safety and out of the country," said an anonymous gay activist. "This is a terrifying situation for all involved."
Same-sex acts between men are illegal in Ghana. The punishment is up to 3 years in prison if found guilty.
Ghana: Lawyer calls for arrest of students in gay porn movies [Pink News]