September 2, 2014

Intimate pics of top (female) celebs hacked

Jennifer Lawrence naked pics leakedJennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Jenny McCarthy are just three celebrities who have recently fallen victim to a major privacy breach, which has resulted in some very personal photographs and videos being uploaded onto the Internet. 
The images were allegedly stolen by an anonymous hacker using the name Tristan. He posted the pics on the 4chan website.
Some of the celebrities have admitted that the pics are authentic. They claim, however, that at no point were the images shared, but had somehow been hacked from their personal devices.
4chan has removed the posts, which also included images of singer Avril Lavigne, actress Kirsten Dunst and TV host Cat Deeley.
"This is a flagrant violation of privacy," said a Lawrence spokesman. "The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."
"To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves," actress Mary Elizabeth, another victim of hacking, wrote on Twitter.  "Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this."
It appears the hacker is a straight guy as there are no juicy celebrity cocks in this batch. The FBI is investigating the breach. 
Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leak sparks fear of mass celebrity hackings: 'This is a flagrant violation of privacy' [The Independent]

September 1, 2014

Bruno Knight pleads guilty to drug possession

Bruno KnightBruno Knight, who was arrested in June at Los Angeles International Airport after trying to smuggle a half-pound of crystal meth up his ass, has pleaded guilty to a federal drug possession charge.
Knight, whose real name is Philip Gizzie, had "inserted three large objects containing methamphetamine" into his anal cavity, and tried to board a plane. His stash was discovered following an anonymous tip. 
"Gizzie expelled two of these objects at LAX and passed the third object at Centinela Hospital," a police affidavit said. He had been carrying in excess of 226 grams. At the time, he admitted he had taken several different party drugs during his weekend in Los Angeles.
On Friday, he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute meth. He could face up to 20-years in prison. He will be sentenced on November 24.
Porn Actor Bruno Knight Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge [CBS]
LAX Meth Case: British Gay Porn Star "Bruno Knight" Pleads Guilty [Santa Monica Mirror]

August 31, 2014

The only reason to watch "Big Brother"

Cody Calafiore underwear

Big Brother, the CBS reality show that puts America's worst people in a house together, is still on the air. Who is watching this drivel is anyone's guess.

However, there is one sexy piece of man meat that could persuade us to give the show a second look. His name is Cody Calafiore. He's an underwear model. And if he dressed like this, we'd tune in to every episode!

August 30, 2014

Boy bander shares cock shot ... on purpose!

Calum Hood

Calum Hood is 18, and he's the bassist for this year's hit boy band 5 Seconds of Summer. He also seems to be a bit of an exhibitionist.

Hood sent out a short video of himself exposing his cock. Apparently, the video was deliberately shared with all his Snapchat followers, though he expected it to quickly disappear (Snapchat "hides" content after a certain length of time, but does not actually delete it).

The twitter-sphere went crazy with reposts of the video. Hood took it in stride.

Calum Hood Tweet about penis

You can check out a copy of the video here!

August 29, 2014

Heels, leather and Kazaky

Kazaky is back with the new single "Pulse." We have no idea what these guys are saying, so just enjoy the beat and the hot men in leather and heels!

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

Johnny Rapid was the clear winner last week, trouncing Trenton Ducati and Markie More.
Rapid moves on to the quarter-finals this week, but how will he do against his new competitors? Shawn Wolfe is a hot stud with the perfect amount of hair on his slim body. And Scott Hunter is a worked out hunk with an ass that can handle any cock.
Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. Choose wisely, as only one stud can move on to the quarter-finals!

Quarter-finalist! Johnny Rapid: Quarter-finalist!
Quarter-finalist! Shawn Wolfe: Quarter-finalist!
Quarter-finalist! Scott Hunter: Quarter-finalist!

Who is the HOTTEST?

Johnny Rapid
Shawn Wolfe
Scott Hunter

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to Johnny Rapid! Markie More: Runner-up to Johnny Rapid!
Runner-up to Johnny Rapid! Trenton Ducati: Runner-up to Johnny Rapid!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


August 28, 2014

New .HIV domain launched

dotHIV launches new domain .hivThere's a new top-level domain in town, and it's .HIV.

The domain was created to help raise awareness and funds for projects around the world that want to end the transmission of HIV and AIDS.

"Imagine simply using .HIV as you use .COM. Each time you visit website.HIV, buy a ticket on movies.HIV, or shop at store.HIV, a small donation would reach HIV and AIDS projects," said Carolin Silbernagl, co-founder of .HIV and CEO of the dotHIV Registry.

What makes this domain unique is that every time a user clicks on a .HIV website, dotHIV will donate 0.1¢ to help support the fight against HIV. These micro-donations do not come at any expense to the user or the website owner.

The creators hope that big name brands will set up a .HIV page with their brand name, and then redirect visitors to their standard .com page.

"No need to run an extra website, the content remains the same, only now it has a social benefit," dotHIV explained. "This "Digital Red Ribbon" not only helps generate web traffic but shows social responsibility as well as commitment to digital innovation. And it involves the website visitors: Every click on a .HIV domain is doing good."

The money from the registration of the .HIV address is used to cover the per click donation, and such registrations will cost around $200 per year. Non-profits, however, can obtain a .HIV address for free. 

In our opinion people this is more a feel-good marketing tool than anything. A real donation of  just $5 would equal 5,000 visits to these .HIV websites. 

Some big names have already signed on to the project, including Microsoft, Twitter and Amazon.

You can find out more here.


"Bye Felicia" is a single you can bust a move to

This may not be the greatest dance song you'll ever hear, but it ain't bad. And it has a great beat for your next workout!

The track is from Joe Gauthreaux and features Mitch Amtrak.

August 27, 2014

BBC planning trans-focused sitcom

Boy Meets Girl, Rebecca RootThe BBC announced that it has commissioned what it said would be Britain’s first sitcom series to focus on a transgendered character. 
The six-part series will follow the love story of 26-year-old Leo and 40-something trans woman Judy.
Leo, having suffered through one of the worst days of his life, bumps into Judy and is immediately attracted to her.
The BBC explained: “They bond over drinks and, unfazed by the fact that there’s a bit of an age gap between them, arrange to meet the following evening. Leo’s mother is unhappy that he’s having dinner with an older woman. But Leo doesn’t care what she thinks; he knows that he’s just met someone very special.”
Rebecca Root (pictured), who is transgendered in real life, plays Judy. She wrote in a blog post about the series: “Judy decides to do the ‘Big Reveal’ on the first date with Leo," she wrote. "He quietly processes the information and then just gets on with the meal. ‘Would you like a starter?’ he asks. No questions about her body. No inappropriate comments about the toilet. Just so.
"This episode makes no more bones about Judy’s gender than had she confessed to liking Fleetwood Mac (which she did in an early draft). I was over the moon to get the part.”
The show will air on BBC2 in the UK. No release date has been given.
BBC to Air Britain’s First Transgender Sitcom Series [HRC Blog]
BBC2 commissions Britain's first transgender sitcom Boy Meets Girl [The Independent]

If guy best friends acted like girl best friends

Girl besties often have a very close relationship. This is what it might look like if straight guys were equally close with their buds.

August 26, 2014

AHF takes out ads cautioning Truvada use

truvadaThe AIDS Healthcare Foundation is launching an ad campaign citing several studies that conclude anti-HIV drug Truvada is far from the panacea many sexually active gay men had hoped for. The reason: a significant proportion of people on the drug fail to take it every day, as directed. 

"The bottom line is that people won’t adhere and take the pill,” Michael Weinstein, president of AHF, told BuzzFeed. “That’s what studies have shown. If this catches on as a public health strategy, that means there are going to be people who will take Truvada irregularly and some will be infected, and some develop drug resistance.” 

In May, the Centres for Disease Control issued clinical guidelines on PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) to prevent HIV transmission, saying that if taken daily along with using condoms, it is over 90% effective in preventing HIV infection. It recommended that doctors with patients at high risk of infection should consider PrEP as part of their HIV prevention strategy, including regular HIV and STD testing and condom use. In July, the World Health Organization announced a similar recommendation, saying men who have sex with men should consider PrEP as an additional method of preventing HIV infection. 

In other words, no health agency recommends using Truvada instead of condoms and many Truvada users aren't taking the drug properly anyway. 

August 24, 2014

Jason Adonis proves porn stars never retire

Jason Adonis is returning to adult - yet again. Apparently he just can't  resist the siren call of the glamorous world of gay porn, exotic dancing  and the "private meetings" that his manager, David Forest, arranges for him. 

According to the press release:

"After a few years off, the hunky Mid-West heartthrob returns to the adult world where he’ll be available for movies, internet, live appearances and private meetings. He has been re-signed by David Forest’s The Premiere Artists for exclusive management and booking in all areas. His private meetings will be coordinated by Forest’s Meet The Stars.

"He finally realizes that he loves doing the movies … he loves the attention he gets. He’s a sensational LIVE performer and gets off pleasing crowds, yet, has really only done shows in Chicago, NY/Boston and a few cities in Florida. He needs to make up for lost time. He wants to do club gigs all the time.  AND …his private meetings are always successful and he enjoys meeting his fans that way. He’s overcome the paranoia that clients are all out to get him.

"Jason’s initial 10 years in the adult business (2002-2012) saw him as a Jet Set, Falcon, AMG and Raging Stallion exclusive, appearing in 30 films. He also did a handful of live appearances (Chicago, Boston, NYC and Florida). In confirming his re-association with Forest (they worked together in 2010-11), Adonis states, 'I’m ready for one last run with a mature head this time.' Adonis, 34, continues to make his home in Chicago.

It's true his head is more mature now, but wasn't that baby face the main reason we fell in lust with him a decade ago? 


August 23, 2014 stars read mean tweets about themselves

Jimmy Kimmel has a great bit on his late night show where celebrities read out some of the mean tweets people have posted about them. Not to be outdone, gay porn company decided to have its stars do the same.

Although some of these are mean, we've certainly read meaner.

August 22, 2014

Jocks working out in jocks

There isn't anything much hotter than a bunch of super hot guys stripping down to their jockstraps to workout!