May 25, 2016

Trump Supreme Court nominee may have gay porn past

Homophobic Federal Appeals Court judge Bill Pryor, who presidential hopeful Donald Trump has named as a possible Supreme Court nominee, may have posed nude in the 1980's. In 1997 Badpuppy got a hold of the images, publishing several scans of  what numerous people in the know say was indeed Bill Pryor. The images are not longer on Badpuppy, by the way.   

The allegations first came to light in the fall of 2013 on an Alabama law blog called Legal Schnauzer.  According to the blog, Alabama law enforcement officials became aware of the images at Bad Puppy in 1997, not long before Pryor was named state attorney general. Legal Schauzer claims that multiple unnamed officials familiar with the matter confirmed that the pictures were, in fact, of Bill Pryor, taken while he was a student at Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana Monroe) from 1980 to 1984. 

Will nude photos from thirty years ago be enough to keep Bill Pryor off the Supreme Court?  Let's remind ourselves that Donald Trump has to win the presidency first. And if he does, there will be a thousand other things to worry about. 

May 24, 2016

Penis in the Ladies Room

Nothing good comes from the crazy moral panic targeting transgendered people who just need to pee somewhere; nothing good except for biting musical drag satires, that is. And who better to make the haters' nightmare real than drag divas Jackie Beat and Willam? Here they are with "Penis in the Ladies Room."

May 23, 2016

Another reason to love Justin Trudeau

It's Victoria Day in Canada (the only country in the world that celebrates the great queen's birthday), so an appropriate time to turn our thoughts to the True North. 

As you must know, Canada made gay marriage legal in 2005, a full decade before the United States.

Last year the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage was a right, but there's been a huge backlash as many state governments react with fear and ignorance, aiming their intolerance at another sexual minority, the transgendered.

Meanwhile, up in Canada, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has introduced legislation that will guarantee transgender people equal rights. 

According to Canadian Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, the proposed law will "ensure that Canadians will be free to identify themselves and to express their gender as they wish while being protected against discrimination and hate, because as Canadians, we should feel free and safe to be ourselves."

The legislation would, if passed, make it illegal to prevent someone from getting a job or to discriminate in the workplace on the basis of gender identity or gender expression. It would also would also update the Criminal Code to extend hate speech laws to include gender identity and gender expression. 

Prime Minister Trudeau will march in Toronto's Gay Pride Parade on July 3. He will be accompanied by Ontario Premier (and lesbian) Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory and City Councillor (and also lesbian) Kristyn Wong-Tam. 

Happy Victoria Day, Canada! And thanks for being you! 

May 22, 2016

Let's have a fifi!

Always on the lookout for innovative masturbation devices, we were struck by the simple elegance of fifi. It works like other masturbation sleeves: stick your dick in and stroke the fifi up and down to get a most pleasant sensation. When you cum, remove the disposable liner and chuck it in the trash. 

The name originates in prison slang, where hard up inmates have to compromise using items at hand: a rubber glove greased with vaseline or dish soap and wrapped tightly in a towel.

But this fifi is purpose designed for your dick and crafted with the finest polyester, spandex and polyethylene foam. 

While the name fifi does have a distinctly feminine ring to it, until they start marketing the hihi, a hole a hole.  

Here's how fifi works:


May 21, 2016

Bright Light Bright Light joins forces with Elton John

Bright Light Bright Light -- the stage name for one Rod Thomas -- has called on his friend Elton John to help out with his latest single "All In The Name."
This is the second time the two openly gay men have worked on a song; their last collaboration was for "I Wish We Were Leaving." They also toured together in 2014.
Rod is putting the final touches on his latest album, Choreography, which will be released on July 15, and features appearances from Jake Shears and Alan Cumming.

May 20, 2016

Study says bears more likely to try riskier sex

gay bears
According to a new study, men who fall into the "bear" category -- gays who are big and hairy -- are more likely suffer from low self-esteem. Because of this, they are also more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.
The Clinical Journal of Nursing conducted the study by breaking down the findings of 11 research papers. It discovered that bears often struggle more with their sexuality and body image, finding it harder to fit in.
“Before discovering the bear community, members have described harassment and discrimination from both heterosexuals and homosexuals throughout their lifespan based on weight, which led to lower self-esteem,” researchers said. “Perpetuating this perception of low self-esteem is the stereotypical image of a gay man who is usually young, slim, and smooth-skinned, an image which many men who identify as bears do not fit.”
The result: a greater likelihood of engaging in unprotected anal sex, fisting, asphyxiation, voyeurism and exhibitionism. An exact percentage of this increased likelihood was not given.
“Despite the health risks that are associated with increased BMI, the promotion of certain physical appearance that includes a higher BMI is important for men who identify as bears,” the paper added. “It helps them to recognise one another, strengthen communal bonds, and promote a gay identity that is masculine, sexual, and mature.”
So next time you're out, give a bear a big hug and tell him he matters! (Just make sure it's not a real bear, in which case run, or play dead, or do whatever it is you're supposed to do!)

Hot guys play Rock Paper Scissors

Watch Jacob Ford, Ryan Rose, and Jon Pastor battle it out, and lose all their clothes in the process.

May 19, 2016

The UK ready to clamp down on porn

Limited access to porn in the UK.The British government has revealed that watching porn online is about to get a lot, um, harder. New rules were revealed in yesterday's Queen's Speech which revealed details of a new Digital Economy Bill.
The proposed law is targeted any sites viewable in the UK and not just UK-based. (Good luck with that.) It will affect both free and pay sites.
To prove a customer is of legal age, websites will likely have to request a user's credit card information. Gambling sites, which are already subject to similar legislation, do this.
According to notes attached to the bill, a "yes, I'm 18" check box is not enough.
The government insisted this was part of its attempt to create a "family friendly" Internet free from pornography, gambling and extreme violence.
For a couple years now, Internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK have been pressured by the government to include porn filters for all customers; consumers would then have to request that the filter be removed. The UK government has not yet made this a legal requirement.
“This is the state, yet again, intervening in people’s private lives for no reason other than good old British prurience and control-freakery,” wrote Jerry Barnett of the Sex and Censorship blog.
"This is cutting-edge censorship,” added Myles Jackman, a lawyer who deals with obscenity law. “We are now becoming the world leaders in censorship. And we are being watched very closely from abroad.”
Right, like anything is going to stop people from getting their fill of porn! Dream on, Prime Minister.
Queen's Speech forces porn sites to verify users' ages in Tory crackdown to protect children [The Mirror]
Age checks for porn sites in Queen's Speech [BBC News]
Tough new online porn restrictions are coming to the UK, Queen confirms [The Express]

And it's not just full on porn sites being targeted, but any site with "adult content." 

And it's not just full on porn sites being targeted, but any site with "adult content." 

X-Men getting a gay porn parody

Colby Keller as Wolverine has revealed that it is taking on X-Men as its latest X-rated spoof. Oddly, the title for the series is  X-Men: A Gay XXX Parody.
Wouldn't the obvious title have been XXX-Men: A Gay Parody? Maybe XXX-Men: Days of Future Ass? Even Wolverine Gets Fucked By Mutants would have been a better choice. Oh well.
The first image from the series has been released, revealing that Wolverine will be played by Colby Keller
Earlier this year released Superman V Batman: A Gay XXX Parody. (Maybe it's time to hire someone whose only job is to come up with better titles!)

May 18, 2016

Fox teases with the first trailer for "The Rocky Horror Picture Event"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event teaser is out, and Laverne Cox has us shivering with anticipation!
The TV revival is a long way off; it doesn't air until Halloween on Fox.
Cox, obviously, will play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the mad scientist “sweet transvestite.” She'll be joined by Victoria Justice (as Janet Weiss), Ryan McCartan (as Brad Majors), Reeve Carney (as Riff-Raff), Christina Milian (as Magenta), Annaleigh Ashford (as Columbia), Staz Nair (as Rocky), Adam Lambert (as Eddie), Ben Vereen (as Dr. Everett von Scott) and Tim Curry (as the Criminologist).

Gay of Thrones: Thrust of a Stranger

Drag queen Trixie Mattel joins stylist Jonathan Van Ness to tease out all the highlights from this week's Game of Thrones.

May 17, 2016

Pastor lied about "fag" cake from Whole Foods

Jordan BrownJordan Brown, a gay pastor from Austin, Texas, has been forced to apologize after falsely claiming that a local Whole Foods bakery added "fag" to a cake he ordered.
Last month, Brown claimed he went to the store and requested a cake that read "Love Wins." When he picked it up, he claimed someone at the store had added the word "fag" to the message.
"This is discrimination," the 30-year-old said in a video he posted to YouTube last month. "As a 30-year-old openly gay pastor, I have had to face years of discrimination and judgement for something that I had no control over."
The openly gay founder of the Church of Open Doors sued Whole Foods. 
Well, it was all a big fat lie. 
Whole Foods released security footage of Brown buying the cake which they said proved they did nothing wrong. The company added that the employee being accused of defacing the cake is a member of the LGBT community. Whole Foods filed a countersuit.
Jordan Brown's fake "fag" cake
"The company did nothing wrong," Brown admitted in a statement. “I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story. I want to apologize to Whole Foods and its team members for questioning the company’s commitment to its values."
He added that he was sorry for embarrassing his partner, family and church, but did not explain why he did it.
He owes every single person in the LGBT community an apology for being such an ass. It's hard enough to battle for equal rights in this world without people like Brown crying wolf. Gay card revoked!

The Prowler Awards have been announced

The Prowler Porn Awards, focused on the British gay porn scene, were held over the weekend. And which sexy studs took top honors?
Kayden Gray
Best British Top 
Kayden Gray
Mickey Taylor tops Zac Langton - Blake Mason
Best British Scene
Mickey Taylor and Zac Langton — Blake Mason
Best British Director: Ashton Bradley
Best British On-Screen Couple: Johannes Lars and Kayden Gray
Best British Porn DVD: Army Boy — Eurocreme
Lyle Boyce
Best British Twink
Lyle Boyce
Best British Bottom: Johannes Lars
Best British Website: UKHotJocks
Paddy O'Brian
Best British Stud
Paddy O’Brian
Best British Newcomer: Billy Essex
Hottest British Porn Star: Mickey Taylor
Kris Blent
Best International Porn Star
Kris Blent
The Apply to Model Achievement Award: Luke Desmond
Best British Fetish Film: Tattoo Torment — Boynapped
Nick North
Best British Fetish Porn Star
Nick North
Best British Daddy: Logan Moore
Lifetime Achievement: Simon Booth (HardBritLads)

Congrats to all the winners. Brittania rules!  

May 16, 2016

RuPaul releases "The Realness"

Realness is the eighth studio album from the fabulousness that is RuPaul. The single "Realness" was released last year, but a new video has been created for the song featuring Ru and some of her Drag Race drag queen pals!