September 19, 2014

Bubbles and hunks

"Hot n' Bothered" is Andrew Christian's tribute to hunky construction workers. There isn't much of a plot, but who can resist hot guys with hammers?

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

Congrats to Christian Wilde, who beat out Duncan Black and Jake Bass for the top spot last week! 
Who's up next, hoping for a win? There's Angel Rock, who fell from the heavens and into our wet dreams. And Dakota Ford, the tattooed bad boy who likes to fuck! And Jessie Colter, the versatile hunk who will share his cock, and ass, with anyone.
Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. Choose wisely, as only one stud can move on to the quarter-finals!

Perfect for men who like thick accents and even thicker cocks! Angel Rock: Perfect for men who like thick accents and even thicker cocks!
Covered with tats and topped with a cocky attitude, this "straight" boy likes to be in charge! Dakota Ford: Covered with tats and topped with a cocky attitude, this "straight" boy likes to be in charge!
If you like your men versatile and kinky, then this is the man for you! Jessie Colter: If you like your men versatile and kinky, then this is the man for you!

Who is the HOTTEST?

Angel Rock
Dakota Ford
Jessie Colter

Winners advance to the QUARTER-FINALS:

Looking for a walk on the wild side? Then this is the man for you! Christian Wilde: Looking for a walk on the wild side? Then this is the man for you!
Quarter-finalist! Connor Maguire: Quarter-finalist!

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Don't let his "boy next door" good looks fool you; he's all beast in the bedroom! Duncan Black: Don't let his "boy next door" good looks fool you; he's all beast in the bedroom!
You can spend hours tracing your tongue along his sexy tattoos! Jake Bass: You can spend hours tracing your tongue along his sexy tattoos!


Semi-finalist! Johnny Rapid: Semi-finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


September 18, 2014

"Ethical" XXX search engine BoodiGo launched

BoodiGoThere is a new search engine and it is designed specifically for adult websites. 
BoodiGo was created by porn producer and former Google programmer Colin Rowntree. He claimed that mainstream search engines were deliberately making adult content harder to find. “It’s this corporate cowardice thing that’s been going on the last several years,” he argued. “Mainstream companies that have investors [or are] trying to go public [are] trying to distance themselves completely from adult entertainment.”
Working with other former Google employees, Rowntree wanted to establish a better, and more ethical, search engine for the XXX world. With this in mind, BoodiGo will not direct searchers to pirated and virus-infected porn sites. And video sharing sites that host pirated content will be blacklisted.
As well, searchers will not have their movements tracked through cookies.
A special feature has been added to BoodiGo that will also allow people to specifically search Tumblr's porn tags, making it easy to find adult content on the popular image blog. This feature may cause BoodiGo a few headaches as much of the adult content being shared through Tumblr is pirated material. Oopsie!
It's a good idea, but will it catch on?
Ex-Googlers Help Build ‘Boodigo,’ a New Search Engine Just for Porn [Beta Beat]
A team of former Google engineers has designed a search engine just for porn [Salon]

Cazwell wants you to "Dance Like You Got Good Credit"

Cazwell has dropped the single "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" from his new album “Hard 2 B Fresh." The beat is pretty good, but it may stick in your head a little longer than you want.

September 17, 2014

Steam room hunks battle it out over best workout

The guys talk about which is best: yoga, power-lifting, or CrossFit. (Maybe some acting classes wouldn't hurt, either.)

Symantec promises to stop blocking all LGBT sites

Symantec will no longer block sites just because they are gay.Web filtering service Symantec announced yesterday that it will no longer provide support for a system that blocks access to "gay and lesbian" material.
The firm, which is also responsible for Norton AntiVirus, had been lumping LGBT websites that provide news, charity and support with sites that contain porn. The "lifestyle-sexual orientation" category will soon be removed from all the Symantec databases.
According to a press release: “This update, which is in the process of being implemented at the product level, will mean that LGBT-related web content will be evaluated, categorized, and treated the same as other news, political and entertainment content.”
"Making this change was not only the right thing to do, it was a good business decision," explained Fran Rosch, an executive vice president at Symantec. "Having a category in place that could be used to filter out all LGBT-oriented sites was inconsistent with Symantec's values and the mission of our software."
Customers will still be able to block out "offensive" material, but will be unable to target sites simply because they contain queer content.
GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis applauded the move, saying that it shows that "Symantec gets it."
"It's time that our software reflects our values," she said, "and that means filtering out discrimination."
Symantec Decides It No Longer Needs To Filter The Gay Out Of The Web [ReadWrite]
Symantec Stops Blocking LGBT Websites [The Backlot]

September 16, 2014

From Russia, with hate

BullshitA sad little conference attended by sad little people was recently held in Moscow. It brought together groups who hate gays so much that they want to prohibit people from talking about homosexuality in a positive light.
At the "Large Family and Future of Humanity" conference a resolution was passed calling for lobbyists around the world “to work for the adoption of legislative bans on all types propaganda concerning homosexual relationships” in order to “uphold the interests of children” across the world. (It's okay if kids go hungry, as long as they never have to see two men kiss!)
The resolution also supported a study on “the negative social and psychological effects of raising children in same-gender couples," to help stop same-sex couples from adopting.
The event was hosted by Russian businessman Vladimir Yakunin, a close advisor to Vladimir Putin. In attendance were several US-based groups, including the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and the National Organisation for Marriage.
In related news, the area surrounding the event had to be evacuated because of the unbearable stench of bullshit.
Moscow Takes a Break From Ukraine Fighting to Hate on Gays Some More [New York Magazine]
Moscow Forum Sends Out Urgent Appeal For More 'Gay Propaganda' Bans [On Top Magazine]

Big Brother contestant happily shares his cock pics

David Girton cock picture twitter

Big Brother 15′'s David Girton may be a bit of an airhead - he did defend the racist rants of his co-reality star Aaryn Gries, after all - but at least he's willing to share his cock pics. That has to count for something, right?

Well, last week he took to Twitter to show off his naked body. He also shared a few interesting tweets.

David Girton cock tweet

David Girton cock pic

David Cock Tweet

David Girton cock

If only more hot guys were as comfortable with their bodies as David is.

September 15, 2014

Legit pic of Beiber's dick?

Is this Justin Bieber dick pic real?

This image is now circulating around the Internet. People are claiming it is an actual picture of a very naked Justin Bieber. But with so many talented photoshop artists out there, it could easily be a fake.

In order to be sure, we are asking Justin to send us an actual naked picture of himself. We will make the comparison and let the world know whether this image is real or not.

September 14, 2014

Ellen's gardener is super hot

Billy, Ellen's gardener

Okay, he may not be a real gardener, but he can walk around shirtless in our yard any day!

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September 13, 2014

Straight best buds get married to win radio contest

Straight buds get gay-married in New Zealand.Straight friends Matt McCormick and Travis McIntosh tied the knot in New Zealand in order to win a radio contest.
The contest was sponsored by The Edge radio station. The station was looking for "two best mates who would be prepared to take advantage of New Zealand’s same-sex marriage laws to prove the depths of their ‘bromance.’"
"The point of this competition is that men marrying each other is still something they think is worth having a laugh at,’ said gay-rights activist Joseph Habgood. "Maybe on the day that statistics around mental health for LGBTI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex) people are better, when high schools are safe places for LGBTI youth, we can look back on all this and laugh -- but competitions like this don't bring that day any closer."
Matt and Travis said there was no intent to offend anyone with the stunt.
"We are not here to insult anyone," McIntosh said. "We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path… It's just seeing how far two good mates would go to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup."
All that's left is to consummate the union. Hope they bought lots of lube!
Marriage of two straight men for radio competition angers gay rights group [The Guardian]

September 12, 2014

Barbra Streisand to release duet with her gay son

Barbra Streisand is known for her amazing voice. And her son, Jason Gould, has obviously inherited her golden vocal chords. The two recently recorded "How Deep Is the Ocean" for her upcoming album Partners.

September 11, 2014

Jake Cruise fined over $11,000 for bareback scenes

Jake CruiseThe AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) happily revealed that California’s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), had issued workplace safety violations and fines totaling $11,360 against adult film production company Jake Cruise Media.
The fines were imposed for shooting condom-less adult films. Cal/OSHA actually cited the production company for not having an Exposure Control Plan, for not observing universal precautions (for example, using condoms for the video shoots) and for not having an Injury and Illness Prevention Program in place.
“The porn industry has simply chosen to ignore these laws, with few, if any, repercussions to date for producers," said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). "We are glad to see that OSHA is looking out for worker safety and reminding the entire industry that condom use—regardless of past or future legislation in Sacramento—already is the law.”
AHF has been one of the main proponents of a state-wide law that would require all porn productions in California to use condoms during sex scenes. A recent attempt to pass such a law failed.
Jake Cruise didn't seem overly upset. He tweeted: "... and that's why I don't shoot in CA anymore. Even I'm not allowed to eat cum! Ridiculous."
GOTCHA: Cal/OSHA Fines Jake Cruise $11K [Str8 Up Gay Porn]

Ellen has a big booty to shake

It’s the hottest music video of the year, and now it’s starring Ellen!