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2018 (avg. 12 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1440x816;  6000k  (33% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  2500k 

Photos - 730 sets of 50 images
Vidcaps - 2018 sets of 20 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Stunning men; outstanding videography.
Search could be improved.

Review date: October 2016

We are always impressed with Bel Ami's brilliant and lyrical camera work and -- of course -- their stars: gorgeous, hung and horny young men from the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The site showcases hundreds of these handsome, fit Euroboys in over 2000 exclusive videos, including solo, condom and bareback scenes. Many of the excellent quality HD videos download fast and some have bitrates up to 6000 kbps. In short, sheer technical and erotic brilliance in porn-making. Our main reservation is that there's no keyword search function, so if you like feet, toys, or double penetration you'll just have to hope for the best as you plow through the massive video catalog.


Bel Ami Online features a tour that is visually arresting, to say the least. Crisp red and grey graphics pop beautifully atop a clean white background. Under the headings Latest Exclusive Videos and Blockbuster Member Favorites you'll find video player arrows that open ten explicit one minute clips. Follow the links to the Sex Scenes and Model index pages, which allow you to browse; but click any further in and you'll be sent to the join page. Given the vast size of the content on offer, it would be great to see more sample pictures and clips.


When you log in to the site be prepared to wait a few seconds for it to open; a message appears telling you your customized pages are being loaded. Generally, page load times are a bit slow throughout the site, so be patient.

For a big producer like Bel Ami, the challenge is how to organize and display years of videos and image galleries. The studio has many shoot types, categories and quality levels of video, and it has made real progress in organizing and simplifying the display of the content.

The Updates section has all the most recent content, including casting sessions, photo sessions and sex scenes. Go into the "Sex Scenes" or the "Solos" area and begin to enjoy scenes shot very recently, or those shot over the past ten years, either for the DVD market when that was more of a thing, or for the web.

The site still lacks an advanced search feature, but you can sort by date, and popularity, and there are lots of drop down menus to filter by type of activity.

The Men and the Action

Bel Ami Studios is devoted to finding the most beautiful, hung young men in Central Europe, and spares no effort in presenting them to us in colorful theme situations and in settings varying from their home studio in Prague to the beach in Cape Town. Members are treated to a unique inside look at how the models are groomed for porn stardom. We're taken inside the early auditions, photo shoots and interviews where we get a look at some of of the world's biggest penises, along with the taut abs, cute asses, and stunning faces of these model-perfect guys.

Despite the fact that the majority of these young stars are straight, they show none of the mechanical performance style we've come to expect from European models: they all seem to love the sex. And a lot of the sex, by the way, is now bareback. In the Model index, over 280 Bel Ami beauties are listed; each model profile contains important stats, a paragraph about him, and links to his videos and images.

Video Details

Of the 2000+ downloadable videos, over 60% are in at least 540p or higher HD and these offer excellent viewing quality, particularly in the downloads. Among the rest, the viewing quality does vary. Some of the oldest videos have been remastered, with varying degrees of success.

All the Bel Ami videos display the tremendous technical expertise of the production team: almost perfect light levels, combined with fluid and sensuous camera work that gives us all the long-shots, close-ups and poses we could want. Best of all, the cum shots are caught almost every time.

Bel Ami offers an incredible 2000+ videos to download and stream, with several new added per week!

Sex Scenes:1300 scenes, some shot just for the web and others for DVD release; the most popular categories are condom free, orgies and oral.

Solos: 660 videos which are either filmed during shoots for image galleries or made for casting purposes.

Movies:260 Bel Ami DVDs released over the past 18 years. Click on any of the box covers and a three minute explicit montage video will start up right away. These previews can be fun as they show off some of the locations all over the world that Bel Ami has traveled to.

Backstage:180 interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and documentary footage. An opportunity to see these built and beautiful Czech, Slovakian, and Hungarian guys speaking with their thick accents, goofing off, comparing dick sizes and speculating about who is going to be paired up with whom.

MP4 videos will stream in a new window, displaying at 960x540 pixels; there's a choice between HD and SD quality.

For downloading, the majority of videos are also available in MP4 format. The quality of the newest 33% has been upped significantly to 1440x816 pixels and 6,000 kbps; previously to that, the top native size is 960x540 pixels and from 2500 - 3000 kbps (though the oldest 25% of the solo videos are smaller)

The oldest one-third of videos are in Windows Media and Quicktime (MOV) formats, rather than MP4 and the better quality ones are Windows Media.

Screens: There is now a full mobile version of the site included with your membership. The HD version of the videos look great when displayed on a TV screen.

Image and Other Content

In the "Photo Galleries" section you'll find more than 730 models' photo layouts, averaging 55 digital photos per set. The thumbnails open to medium sized pictures ranging in size from 800x550 to 330x500. These digital pics are of excellent quality. Some sets are available in a large format size, and some have zipfiles, but none have slideshows.

In addition, most of the videos include a set of video captures; these range from 10 to 40 images; recent ones are 960x540 in size and good quality; older ones are smaller and of lesser quality.

Summing Up

Bel Ami Online is unique in the gay porn world. No other site gives you so many windows into the brief, golden moments of gorgeous young men so willing to please. George Duroy's videography is outstanding and does justice to these handsome Euro-studs and pups. Bel Ami remains an outstanding choice for gay porn fans.

30 day: $34.95 (rebills @ $29.95)

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Quality 32/33
Quantity 20/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 6/6
Content 67/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: No
No condoms is recent fuck scenes.
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30 day: $34.95
(rebills @ $29.95)

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Bel Ami

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Bel Ami Online is operated by Bel Ami and has been online since 1998.

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2018 (avg. 12 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1440x816;  6000k  (33% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  2500k 

Photos - 730 sets of 50 images
Vidcaps - 2018 sets of 20 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Stunning men; outstanding videography.
Search could be improved.

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